Rich Homie Quan Is Suing His Former Label For $2 Million

Rich Homie Quan is sueing his record label for $2 million in unpaid earnings.

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Rich Homie Quan is parting ways with his record label and suing the company and its founder for more than $2 million in unpaid earnings, according to a press release shared earlier today. The lawsuit was filed today in a Georgia district court and names Girvan Henry, Think It's A Game Entertainment, LLC, and Fly Merchandise Enterprises, LLC as defendants. 

Court documents allege that Quan hasn't been paid royalties for at least four different albums, a span of releases that featured tracks like "Flex" and "Type of Way." That second hit is also its own point of contention and the lawsuit names both Def Jam and Trinidad James' imprint Gold Gang Music Group as implicated in Quan not being properly compensated for the single. According to the press release, Def Jam paid out more than half a million dollars to Girvan Henry and Gold Gang in order to distribute "Type of Way," a track Quan claims neither party had the required rights to. (The lawsuit also accuses Henry of pocketing some of that Def Jam cash to buy property in Atlanta.)

Quan's attorney, Leron Rogers, spoke about the case on familiar terms. "Unfortunately this is a classic case of a music artist being ripped off by those claiming to have his best interest in mind," he said. "Quan has more than delivered on his part of the partnership, delivering hit songs that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Mr. Henry has taken advantage of Quan, and now it’s time for him to receive his just due.”

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