Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" Broke A Spotify Record

Justin Bieber's comeback single earns him a new Spotify record.

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Justin Bieber's comeback is in full effect. After releasing "What Do You Mean?" late last week, Bieber has now broken a Spotify record with the most streams of a single song over the span of five days. Billboard reports that the latest from Biebs was streamed more than 21 million times since its release a few days ago, a number that just barely beat out One Direction's "Drag Me Down" record of 20 million streams over the same time period. 

Listeners are sure to keep racking up listens of "What Do You Mean?" given Bieber's latest promo push: a campaign to unlock an acoustic video performance of the song as a function of even more Spotify streams. Meanwhile, Bieber sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night, cried at the VMAs over the weekend, and skated around New York City in Yeezy Boosts yesterday. This album can't come soon enough. 

made an acoustic #whatdoyoumean video for u. stream to unlock on @spotify http://t.co/DtGP4a3J4h pic.twitter.com/BR5HzZwZSI

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