Future Breaks Down Each Of His Mixtapes

Future breaks down each of his mixtapes, dating all the way back to 2010.

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After covering Mass Appeal's latest issue, Future breaks down each of his mixtapes in a just-released clip that accompanies the feature. Diving all the way back to 2010 for his debut, Future says, "1000 was the first mixtape I ever dropped. I just wanted to be real from the jump." He follows up with some quick comments about Dirty Sprite—the first one—saying, "I was just high as hell. All the time...I just wanted the music to sound high. I wanted people to have an experience when they listened to it. Feel like they was just in another world."

He later touches on his collaboration with Gucci Mane and his recent, extended breakout moment. As for that ominous "it never happened" comment referring to What A Time To Be Alive? It doesn't sound so much like a diss here, and kind of seems like Future is just playing around. After all, WATTBA definitely happened, and the mixtape served up Future his second #1 of the year

Watch the interview above, and read up on DJ Esco's recent insight about What A Time To Be Alive here.


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