Ariana Grande Is a 'Star Wars' Truther Just Like the Rest of Us

Ariana Grande releases a hilarious 'Star Wars' parody clip.

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We're all excited for a new Star Wars movie, but Ariana Grande proved her fanship for the series like nobody else with a new parody clip shared today. The 30-second video finds Grande—as Boun T. Hunter—arguing with a pair of aliens about an age-old question: Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? It's a familiar conundrum for fans, and it got even more complicated in the 1997 special edition version of the movie. Either way, Grande holds her ground (and stays true to the original): "God, you're both wrong," she says. "Han didn't shoot first because Greedo never fired off a shot in the first place. Han shot, Greedo died, end of story."

Watch the clip above.

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