Check Out These Unheard Bangers Stormzy, Krept & Konan, P Money And Maniac Made For 'Brotherhood'

The film hits cinemas August 29.


This year sees the release of Brotherhood, the third installment in Noel Clarke's trilogy that began 10 years ago with Kidulthood and continued in 2008 with Adulthood. Just as exciting as seeing what Clarke's character Sam has been up to (as well as Trife's terrifying uncle) is the soundtrack. We've all heard the odd track in the trailers (most notably Chip's "Bluku Bye Bye") and we knew Stormzy would be appearing in the film, but you may not know that Big Mikey recorded an original tune for the soundtrack as well.

Rumour has it pretty much every track on the soundtrack is unreleased (bar one or two) and these new cuts that Julie Adenuga debuted on her Beats 1 show seem to back that up. Taking the name of the film, Stormzy's "Brotherhood" has the kind of bold, trappy edge as "Scary" and at least as hard as anything Stormzy's put out in the past. Elsewhere in the show, Krept & Konan delivered the equally turnt "Dunya" and P Money and Maniac followed, adding the only grime tune of the selections with "Brotherhood", featuring some of P's fastest tongue-twister bars ever (which is really saying something).

Listen to the tracks below.


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