Skrapz Taps Kano For Lyrical Masterclass “Marathon Continues”

The two GOATs unite for the remix of Skrapz’s ‘Reflection’ highlight, “Marathon”.

Video via YouTube

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Video via YouTube

Road rap veteran Skrapz continues his triumphant run with a huge new remix of “Marathon”, a fan-favourite lifted from his recently released debut album, Reflection.

After some teasing online, a new version has landed, titled “Marathon Continues”, and it comes with a feature from none other than Kano. Since returning to us with the official release of 80’s Baby, and the Be Right Back mixtape shortly after, Skrapz hasn’t wasted a single opportunity and he seems to be making all the right moves.

Reflection was an accomplished debut album that lived up to years of hope, setting some of his finest writing to date against a slick, high-end sound from a dream team of producers.

“Marathon Continues” is the perfect follow-up, keeping the spark and energy of Skrapz’s triumph fresh in our minds with a well-deserved victory lap. It’s also a well-timed banger we wouldn’t mind hearing in festival season...

Peep the “Marathon Continues” visuals up top and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

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