First Impressions Of Skrapz’s ‘Reflection’ Album (LIVE)

We got some of our favourite UK rap critics and tastemakers together to give a live review of the new album from Skrapz. Here’s what went down...

Here at Complex, when a big album or mixtape drops, debate rages among the staff (as it does among any circle of music heads). What worked? What didn’t? What should’ve been different? Who got outclassed on their own track?

Usually, we’d write these down as a column, each of us chiming in some thoughts (first thought, best thought, right?). However, with this latest roundtable—brought together to dissect Skrapz’s triumphant return, Reflection—we thought we’d go the extra mile and film a full debate between some of our favourite rap critics and music tastemakers who have proven themselves most invested in (and educated on) the rapper’s lengthy and eventful story. 

Hosted by Complex UK’s Cee Valentina—together, music exec and critic Malaika, The Block Report’s Flashy Sillah, music and culture writer Naz Hamdi, and Take Risk’s Armani broke down some of their favourite moments from the album, the decisions that made them, and what, if anything, they would have changed about the 15-track project.

Press play on the live review above, and revisit Skrapz’s Reflection LP here.

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