Rude Kid Joins Grime Forces With Sir Spyro For 'Rude Sounds' EP

A force to be reckoned with.

spyro rude

Image via Publicist

spyro rude

Grime fans should be thanking their lucky stars right now because two of the scene's finest producers, Rude Kid and Sir Spyro, have just linked up for a fresh collection of instrumentals. 

Rude Sounds features six new riddims from across the 140 spectrum that combine the two East London natives' untouchable talents. Individually, they've been responsible for a huge chunk of grime's most influential hits and both have helmed radio shows that have guided the scene's presence on the airwaves.

As a combined duo, Rude Kid and Sir Spyro are a force of nature and this new EP more than lives up to their formidable reputations.

Listen to the Rude Sounds EP in full below.

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