Premiere: Tusks Balances Heavy Guitars And Tender Songwriting On "Be Mine"

Taken from her recent album, 'Avalanche'.

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Earlier this month, Emily Underhill released Avalanche, her second album under her Tusks alias and she's already back with a fresh set of visuals for album highlight "Be Mine". The album as a whole, produced by Brett Cox, is a thundering, grungey, passionate collection of tracks that taps into subjects like mental health, love, heartbreak, sexism and in this case, the barely containable excitement of a new relationship, all expressed through pained vocals from Underhill and the dynamism and musicianship in the band behind her.

As she explains in more detail below, the guitar-led verses on "Be Mine" are moody and understated, but then the chorus erupts into an anthemic plea to the one she loves that's as powerful as it is tempting. As tender as it is heavy, "Be Mine" is the ideal introduction to Avalanche, which picks up that thread and runs with it, maintaining that same balance throughout.

Speaking with Complex via email, Tusks told us: "We wanted the video to compliment the contrasts in the song between the verses and choruses and highlight the change between feeling curious and unsure to suddenly being really loud and in your face."

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