Premiere: Sophia Bel Taps Félix Bélisle For Hazy Dream Pop Offering "Voyage Astral"

"Voyage Astral" is out now with her 'Princess Of The Dead Vol. 2' EP expected to follow in November.

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Switching things up a touch from her usual guitar-led indie pop jams, Montreal-based singer-songwriter Sophia Bel is back with something a little different. Her new single "Voyage Astral" sees her team up with Félix Bélisle of Quebec five-piece Choses Sauvages for a dreamy, synth pop inward journey. A more electronic effort than past singles, Bel and Bélisle use the production from CRi as a springboard for their mind-expanding journey into the depths of human consciousness.

Explaining how the track came together, Sophia said, "'Voyage Astral' is an introspective exploration, challenging what we think we know", Sophia explains. "I was inspired by the mystery of human consciousness and our connection with the universe. Sometimes we have to dive into our past lives to evolve and I wanted to explore this idea in a light and playful way. For the first time, the words came to me in French. It was a pleasure to have Félix Bélisle from Choses Sauvages' expressive voice and smooth flute on this song!"

"Voyage Astral" is out now with her Princess Of The Dead Vol. 2 EP expected to follow in November.

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