Premiere: Rising Singer-Songwriter Rosie Frater-Taylor Balances Folk And Jazz For "Better Days"

"Better Days" officially lands tomorrow, October 30.

Rosie Frater Taylor

Image via Publicist

Rosie Frater Taylor

Born of London's world-renowned jazz scene and heavily inspired by Joni Mitchell and John Mayer, Rosie Frater-Taylor today presents her new single "Better Days". She first dipped her toe into the music industry in 2018 with her debut album On My Mind, but now, as she completes her third year studying jazz guitar at the Royal Academy of Music, she's ready to follow it up with her as-yet-untitled second album.

The new single sets her down the road to the album's release, which is a little way off for now, illustrating the leaps and bounds her sound has made in the intervening couple of years. Two things that come immediately to the fore are the influence of jazz on the intricate arrangements and the soaring pop melodies, which contrast vividly against each other. That's then splashed against the backdrop of folk and soul hallmarks, boding very well for the new album.

"Better Days" officially lands tomorrow, October 30. Pre-order here.

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