Premiere: Emerging Singer RoRo Blends Her Bajan Heritage With Laid-Back R&B On "Mine"

The ideal antidote to the encroaching winter chill.

RoRo   "Mine"

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RoRo   "Mine"

Few artists can say they wear their influences on their sleeves the way Bajan singer-songwriter RoRo does. She quite literally has the faces of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Nina Simone and Etta James tattooed on her arms and the influence of Caribbean sounds like calypso and soca are worn even more proudly, although less literally, in her music. Even without seeing her, all of those influences are plain to hear, particularly on new single "Mine". The jazzy soul of the greats she has inked on her skin seep through the calming production and her own stunning vocal range as she effortlessly flits from high to low. Add to that her effortless ability to craft unshakeable hooks and the gently bumping rhythms of Barbados and you've got the ideal antidote to the encroaching winter chill.

Speaking with Complex via email, RoRo told us: "'Mine' is about letting it be known somebody belongs to you. Being a good woman to a man and vice versa."

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