Premiere: Origin Launches #NoSleepTilSunday Series With "Marble Floors"

Look out for #NoSleepTilSunday every other Sunday.

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As part of his #NoSleepTilSunday series, London rapper Origin will be dishing out a new track every other Sunday right here on Complex. The series kicks off today via "Marble Floors", with him taking on what sounds like a classic '70s soul sample for the bed of this laid-back number. Lyrically, Origin's wordplay is thoroughly on point and you can almost hear him grin as he continuously one-ups himself. Judging by the soulful samples and deft lyricism of "Marble Floors", and all the radio support his Mathematics EP got when it was released earlier in the year, we don't think he'll struggle to match that same streak of success.

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