Premiere: Nonames' Soulful "Passing Time" With Alexa Harley Just Got A Chugging Zed Bias Remix

"Do you want me? Do you miss me? Have I crossed your mind?"

Nonames (credit: Jamie Kendrick)

Image via Publicist. Photography: Jamie Kendrick

Nonames (credit: Jamie Kendrick)

Zed Bias, one of the most consistent names when it comes to reworking your tune into a thumping banger, has just been drafted in by rising producer NoNames. The latter producer has a new single coming out called "Passing Time" with singer Alexa Harley, and while the original was a soulful and thoughtful outing (perfectly placed on the Tru Thoughts label), Zed manages to keep that vibe in place while he stirs some urgency into the mix via some snappy UKG percussion and a deep bass line.

Fans of the clubbier end of Tru Thoughts' output will surely get a kick out of this one and fans of either of the three artists will surely welcome the new territory this one has placed them all in.

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