Premiere: Wash Your Troubles Away With Noah Slee's Blissful R&B Cut "Still"

As ever, Slee's charming falsetto vocals are the star of the show.

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Earlier today, Berlin-based R&B singer and producer Noah Slee unveiled his brand new single "Still", just weeks after he wowed fans with "Soulflower". That heat-soaked, off-kilter song quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of streams, but his latest offering has every chance of surpassing it.

As ever, Slee's charming falsetto vocals are the star of the show, always delivered without a hint of strain. Lyrically, Slee mines a personal heartbreak for inspiration, but contrasts the somber subject matter with a light and breezy delivery that will make you forget your worries in an instant — as long as you don't listen too closely to the lyrics. Equally, the Malcolm Saidou visuals emphasise the surreal, mixing in footage of choreographed dancers with a morose-looking Slee and some nostalgic imagery to maintain those contrasting themes.

Speaking with Complex via email, Noah told us: "'Still' is uncomfortably embarrassing... I guess we've all been there though! It was a fun process writing this song. I love when a song comes so easily even if it's a little sad. With this one I was trying to write a song that is more confronting or personal with a really upbeat melody and rhythm. It's a nice contrast."

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