Premiere: Singer-Songwriter Max Rad Works Through His Grief On Heartbreaking "Oh My Brother"

Expressed through swirling synth melodies and his own soulful vocals.

Max Rad

Image via Publicist

Max Rad

Though usually based in London, when it comes to creating music, singer-songwriter and producer Max Rad has found it far more fruitful in recent years to isolate himself in his creative home of Devon. Emerging from his most recent stint there, the Glouctestershire-born artist is back with his new single "Oh My Brother". The new track is driven by a punchy, hip-hop-leaning beat, around which Max drapes swirling synth melodies and his own soulful vocals. Although it has a surprisingly upbeat exterior, the subject matter explored in the lyrics are heartbreaking to say the least. As Max tells us in greater detail below, the track is about struggling to move on after losing a loved one and the effect it can have on a person as well as those around them.

Speaking to Complex via email, Max said: "I wrote 'Oh My Brother' in a time where I felt everything was changing around me, and was out of my control. The feeling of being left behind in an emotional place as everyone else moves on, and battling with that internally. We had just suffered a huge loss in my family—we lost my dad to cancer—and my mum was moving from the place where I grew up. It was hugely unsettling for me at the time, leaving so many memories behind and feeling so uprooted. It feels like a snapshot in time for me; I was pretty low and I felt as if I was bringing the people around me down as well." 

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