Premiere: Louis Culture Offers An Antidote To Negativity With Pullen-Produced "Part 2"

Following on from last month's "Being Me".

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Barely two weeks after he dropped the defiant "Being Me", South West London's Louis Culture is back with the thematic sequel, "Part 2", which sees Louis reunite with Pullen who provides the beat with direction from Louis and editing by Angela Steps.

Kicking off with a clip from October's Boiler Room festival, Louis sets the scene for a sweaty, adoring crowd before we switch to the main event. From there we switch between shots of the show and clips of Louis showing us round his block. Mixed in with that are some glitchy, trippy effects to supplement Pullen's clicking, woozy instrumental beneath Louis' carefree, live-for-today rhymes.

Lyrically-speaking, "Part 2" is a more laid-back, more relaxed offering than its predecessor — which was a defiant showing of self-confidence and identity — this new one could really be considered the antidote to those feelings of being an outsider. In short, be more like Louis; put "Part 2" on loud and drown out those around you who breed negativity.

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