Premiere: Khushi Shares Crisp And Minimal Visuals For Sombre New Track "Coldhearted, Lately"

Taken from his debut album, 'Strange Seasons', which dropped today.

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Earlier today, singer-songwriter and producer Khushi released his debut album, Strange Seasons, and now he's unveiling the album's lead single "Coldhearted, Lately" with a snappy set of visuals to go with.

Directed by Erik Rojas, the minimalist visuals place Khushi and his band against a crisp white background as they perform the track in eye-poppingly colourful outfits, looking razor-sharp as they do so. That all contrasts starkly with the song itself, a sombre and soulful track that places his unique singing style front and centre.

Sonically, he created the album entirely by himself over the course of six years, painstakingly honing the album from top to bottom. The only help he got on the album came from James Blake who offered to mix the album after "falling in love" with the demos. Blake's influence is definitely in the album's minimalist approach, but this is undeniably the Khushi show.

Speaking with Complex via email, Khushi told us: "Strange Seasons was recorded in a shed in London over the course of about six years. Some of the songs have been with me longer than that, and each of them have been through many guises before finding what I felt was their final form on this album. I tried to find the most direct way to present the songs, with the arrangements building up when they needed to but being at their most simple and stripped down elsewhere. I spent many long nights and days in the shed—it was a long but eventually deeply rewarding and emotional process. Towards the end of that process James Blake, who had heard and fallen in love with the album, offered to mix it. We mixed it together in his home studio which was a very inspiring experience and continued the personal touch that contributes to the sound of the album."

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