Premiere: Hojean Laments The Sting Of Unrequited Love In “Easily” Video

Lifted from his second EP, ‘Cherie’, released earlier this year.

Video via YouTube

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Video via YouTube

Born and raised in New York and now based just outside of Atlanta, Hojean hit the ground running this year and he hasn’t stopped yet. Ringing in the first half of 2023 with a live release and then “Destiny”, by summer he was in EP mode, prepping us for the September release of Cherie.

A crowning achievement in his flourishing career, the EP was a tight five-tracker, showcasing his refined blend of indie-pop, R&B, and the kind of fluid melodies ATL is famous for. One highlight was “Easily”, a track first released in August that’s now been given a video. Essentially an ode to those hopeless infatuations you get for someone who doesn’t even know you exist, it’s steeped in modern-day melodrama.

It also shows off Hojean’s knack for production, pairing his considerable vocal range against a light and nimble production that doesn’t overcrowd.

For the video, Bobby Lee Palmer takes the director’s chair, catching Hojean in the depths of his despair with some nostalgic ‘80s fashion choices and just a touch of absurdism thrown in for good measure.

Press play on that exclusively above and be sure to add “Easily” to your playlists.

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