Premiere: South African Singer-Songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou's "Galaxies" Is High Concept Sci-Fi Pop

A welcome if unexpected union.

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At its best, pop music should make you feel or experience something universal like love or heartbreak. Taking that to its extreme is "Galaxies", the new futuristic pop single from South African singer-songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou. As she explains in greater detail below, "Galaxies" tells the story of a falling star landing on earth and coming to terms with its no existence, and it gets pretty existential at points. It's not every day you see the worlds of high-concept science fiction and pop music coming together, but if it's packaged in such an entrancing and truly enticing way, we can't imagine any objecting to hearing more.

Alice told Complex over email:

"This song happened on a rainy moody day in Berlin. My friend Harry Charles and I wrote it while lying on the carpet of my room. Space had become such a theme in my life and music, not in a scientific way but more in a metaphorical sense; drawing parallels between a planet in the expansive universe and the way that one's tiny and seemingly insignificant existence interacts with the world. This song is about being nothing and everything. It's about being overwhelmed by the weight of existence while simultaneously being in awe and wonder of it all." 'Galaxies' came to life the first time we played in the Planetarium in Berlin; we've played 13 shows there now, and every time I see the visuals come to life and the audience being swept away by the combination of the song with the projections of flying through the galaxies, the song makes so much sense."

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