Premiere: Ace, Ezro & Scam Present "WAVO", A Taste Of UK Rap's Bright Future

Searing and powerful, "WAVO" will stay with you for a long time.


Coming together for a one-off single, Ezro, Ace and Scam present "WAVO", a heady, woozy taste of UK hip-hop's potential as a unique sound in its own right. With his Vision Crew (including fellow members Pascall, Goldie, WhackEye, Tuckz, Tyzz and DJ Kay C), Lewisham's Ezro has already stacked an impressive list of releases—as well as some unmissable radio appearances on Radar and Balamii—and that's to say nothing of the impending Visions Crew mixtape or Ezro's upcoming EP. In addition to all that, he was joint pioneer of the Ruff Sound Movement with another Lewisham don, Novelist, on Rinse FM. Ace and Scam, on the other hand, may not have quite as many releases to their name, but they're no less seasoned in the game: both artists have been working together since the age of 15 and the cohesion is palpable. What's truly astounding though is the unflinching honesty in the lyrics. "Every verse is based off real life," Scam explained. "There's no fronting, just honesty." Searing and powerful, "WAVO" (out July 26) will stay with you for a long time.

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