Premiere: Plunge Headlong Into A Dreamlike State With AaRON's "Onassis" Video

It's about to get really weird over here.

It seems just mere moments since we were watching John Malkovitch nonchalantly offering Eminem noodles from atop a rickshaw. And yet here he is, cropping up in the preview video for "Onassis", the new single from French duo AaRON due out on September 11. Sadly, he doesn't appear in the actual video but that's hardly a shortcoming since the video proper goes far beyond the preview in tripping you out and making you feel like the universe has tipped over and spilled everywhere. AaRON's powerful, atmospheric vocals do nothing to alleviate the weirdness, plunging you into a disorienting fog that's as blissful as it is confusing. The crux of the video is the protagonist's journey as we follow him across deserts, city streets and underwater scenes, all culminating in an emotive climax both visually and sonically. Watch it exclusively above.

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