Nia Archives Channels The Isolation Felt On Tour Into New Joint “Crowded Roomz”

The new video features a few cameos from her pals Izzy Cofie, Reek0, Maverick Sabre, Corbin Shaw, Stef Grips, Jay-D and Ethan Flynn.

Video via YouTube

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Video via YouTube

The toll that tour life can take on a musician is well-documented. It can be a lonely life, with lots of solo downtime spent at airports and on planes. There’s also the paradox of feeling alone despite being in a crowded room surrounded by fans.

That’s exactly what Nia Archives taps into for her latest drop, “Crowded Roomz”. A certified sad banger, it goes deep into the isolation and solitude, pairing that numbness and distance with lightning breaks and a mellow guitar lick to intensify the contrast.

“I’m honestly so buzzing to put this little part of myself out into the world,” Nia said via Instagram. “The music I make is so fucking raw and exposing, but it is 100% authentic to me, and the only true way I’ve found to express myself. I want to say a massive thank you to Ethan Flynn for making this special tune with me and allowing me the space to be honest and vulnerable to make fucking cool art.”

For the accompanying video, Nicolee Tsin directs as Nia steps through a series of club and party settings, surrounded by, but completely cut off from, the revelry going on all around her. Press play on that above, and be sure to add “Crowded Roomz” to your playlists.

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