Little Torment Lifts The Lid On Third Volume Of 'Behind Closed Doors' Mixtape Series

Remaining quietly confident in his path to the top.

Little Torment

Image via Publicist

Little Torment

Without showboating or flexing, South London rapper Little Torment has been steadily building his brand over the past few years. He's always had a solid core of fans but recent years have seen him begin to break out, particularly with the growing success of his Behind Closed Doors series of mixtapes. This week he added the third volume to the series and so far the new edition looks set to be his biggest release yet. Veering seamlessly between UK rap, trap and drill styles, Torment brings a relaxed confidence to proceedings as he ticks off all the usual subjects—girls, clubs, trap houses and street politics—with a charm and ease that sometimes lacks in his peers.

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