Revered British Rapper/Producer Jevon Has Passed Away

The cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

Person in a cap and hoodie, looking thoughtfully towards the camera
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Person in a cap and hoodie, looking thoughtfully towards the camera

Jevon, the beloved British rapper and producer, has passed away. News of his death has been confirmed by friends and family. At the time of publishing, the cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

Raised in West London before relocating to Coventry in his teens, Jevon’s connections to both areas ran deep. His work as a rapper and producer changed the face of the UK sound.

As a producer, he had a hand in some of the finest releases of the past decade, contributing to albums by the likes of Nines, Pa Salieu, and M1llionz. He was also one of the producers behind XL’s 2017 New Gen compilation. Drawing heavy influence from his Brazilian heritage, Jevon poured those sounds and rhythms into his work, leaving an indelible mark on everything he touched.

After his grandfather’s passing, Jevon inherited his record collection, much of it sourced from Brazil. Those records lit a fire in him and he spent three months in São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro recording his debut album, Fell In Love In Brasil.

Speaking to the NME at the time of the album’s release, he explained: “My grandad was Brazilian and he passed away about three years ago now. In his will, he left me his record collection, and it was all Brazilian artists. I had what I thought was the EP, but when I heard the Brazilian sounds, I just started making some Brazilian stuff. I was like, ‘This needs to be the album’. It was a blessing.”

Since the news broke, Twitter has been filled with friends, family and collaborators sharing tributes to the late artist.

RIP jevon prayers to you and yours ❤️

— GHETTS (@THEREALGHETTS) March 30, 2024

He deserved so much better man

— elijahs mum (@SianAnderson) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @SianAnderson

i remember this was the first day I linked up with Jevon and honestly he spun me this day, showed me some of the best music i’d ever heard at the time. Been cool ever since. Bruv, how can you just be gone like that, I spoke to you the other day on the phone g, I’m so sorry bro.

— WIZE (@wizetheproducer) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @wizetheproducer

Rest in peace Jevon. A real one of a kind artist with unmatched aspirations. One of the nicest artists to be around out too.

This is a modern UK classic. Play it loud while the sun shines today.

— mitch (@limitedmitch) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @limitedmitch

When I make my first 50 mill.
49 can still go to mum — Jevon 🌹

— CHE LINGO (@Che_Lingo) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @Che_Lingo

Brutal. RIP Jevon.

Playing this masterpiece loud today

— Joe Walker 🦅 (@ohjoewalker) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @ohjoewalker

Rest in Perfect Peace, Jevon. This year was supposed to be about bringing plans to life, & showing the world your talent. You are one of a kind. Today, we’re running up your music. 🕊️🫶🏿

— Scully (@isthatscully) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @isthatscully

RIP bro

JEVON man .. so saddened

Miss the convos .. you gassed me up when I was low

Even had man driving 139 miles for a session .

Love u and miss u .. all we got is pictures, videos and unreleased music .

— Rxwntree aka Tree aka BIG 🌳 (@rxwntree) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @rxwntree

RIP Jevon. A real incredible talent lost 🕊️

— Despa Robinson (@DespaRobinson) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @DespaRobinson

rip jevon. incredibly talented musician who so many people were always quick to tell me about. when you got random people constantly championing you, it says a lot. so sad man

— + (@sustrapperazzi_) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @sustrapperazzi_

Omg Jevon 💔💔 Rest in perfect peace. Such a talented soul with so much passion for music. This is so sad 😞

— Ray BLK (@RayBLK_) March 30, 2024
Twitter: @RayBLK_

May he rest in eternal peace.

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