Jevon Explores His Brazilian Heritage On Debut Album 'Fell In Love In Brasil'

Recorded between São Paulo and London, the 12-tracker was heavily inspired by his Brazilian grandfather and the Latin records he inherited from him.


Image via Publicist


Having teased out three of the LP’s singles last year in “Ghetto Cinderella”, “Gracie Brothers” and “Girl From Bahia”, North West London-born rapper/singer/producer Jevon is back with his new album, Fell In Love In Brasil—an expansive ode to the influence of his Brazilian grandfather.

Inspired by the vinyl collection he inherited after his grandfather passed away, the 12-track set is bursting at the seams with warmth. Spurred on by those records, Jevon began to reconnect more and more with that part of his heritage, immersing himself in the worlds of Latin, bossa nova, disco, samba and the Brazilian legends he’d inherited. 

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