UK Rapper Jeshi Wants Better For The Next “Generation”

In a recent Instagram post, the East London rapper described the tunes as being part of a “new phase”, but what that means remains to be seen.

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It’s easy to get despondent about the future and that’s more than true now than it ever has been.

There are countless crises for us to deal with and it will only get worse for the next generation. No wonder then, Jeshi says on his new single “Generation”, there’s such a widespread sense of hopelessness and even nihilism in younger people.

Produced by Tev’n, Jm E Stack and JONAH, “Generation” comes with some sharp visuals courtesy of director Brock Neal Roberts, which follow Jeshi as he narrates the day-to-day life of four young kids as they navigate life on the estate, coping with societal neglect, intergenerational addiction, widespread violence and worse.

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