Jammer’s Basement Is Headed To The Metaverse With iiNDYVERSE

Last year, Jammer teamed up with Risky Roadz to immortalise his iconic basement at the Museum of London and now he's taking that mission into the metaverse.

Jammer (credit: John Chase)

Image via John Chase / Museum of London

Jammer (credit: John Chase)

Last year, grime legend Jammer teamed up with Risky Roadz to immortalise his iconic basement at the Museum of London, introducing visitors to those hallowed, marker-daubed walls that have been the backdrop for so many pivotal moments in grime history.

Now, the Murkle Man’s taking that mission into the metaverse with the help of London-based start-up iiNDYVERSE. Described as “a community-focused portal to the past, present and future of London’s underground music scene”, the whole ethos behind the project is to bridge 20 years of technological leaps. When Jam and his cohorts were coming up, music was shared via infrared and Bluetooth and documented on blogs and forums—even YouTube didn’t exist in the earliest days. Fast-forward to now and Jammer’s planting grime’s flag in Web3.

To get access to Jammer’s basement in the metaverse, all you need to do is find the QR code located at one of the spots around London or, if it eludes you, you can hit up the mobile number above with a text for details on how to get into the basement. If you are lucky enough to find it, you’ll be able to join the waiting list to then join the community.

After that, you’ll be rewarded with unreleased beats and footage, guided tours, events, digital content, and access to an auction where you can get one-off grime souvenirs.

Speaking on the new project, Jammer said: “The basement is a special place for me. I wanted to share its history and pave the way for innovation in ownership of the digital space and bring OGs and new wave artists in to achieve this. I feel I’ve been fortunate to spearhead connecting and building a community in this global digital representation of the basement.”

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