Jada Kingdom Vs Stefflon Don: Here’s Everything We Know About The Feud

Things are heating up for the two dancehall stars as they trade brutal shots at each other online.

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Dancehall stars Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don are pitted in a brutal clash at the moment, and neither side is pulling any punches.

Much of the bad blood seems to come from a shared ex: Burna Boy. London’s Stefflon Don had been dating the Afrobeats star for some time, but their relationship ended when Burna allegedly cheated on Steff. At some point last year, it’s said that Jamaica-born Jada and the African Giant had their own fling, but that is also now over and Jada has since been linked with Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-partner, Pardison Fontaine (which has its own backstory, but you can look that up on your own time).

It’s a fast-moving feud, too, with a new track dropping pretty much every day. The two had traded blows on Twitter, as is tradition, but it was Steff who fired the first confirmed on-wax shot on Jan. 8 with “Dat A Dat”, spitting over the “Dutty Money Riddim” by Jamaican producer Rvssian.

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On the track, Steff takes aim at a nameless woman who she says slept with her man and makes it pretty clear what she intends to do when she gets her hands on said woman. 

Twitter didn’t waste time speculating and before long, Jada herself commented, hopping on Instagram Live to say: “It’s weird, because it’s behind a man… This n**** is for everybody. Last year, she pass har remarks, I said nothing.”

Twitter: @_romeko

On the subject of Steff’s threats, Jada added: “Unuh a listen the wrong part a di song. Me jus’ wah know who aguh get di box! Cause every ting else a facts, ‘cause my pu**y blessed—right through! Me jus’ wah know who aguh get di box. A dat me a ask ‘bout.”

“If she bold enough fi seh a me she a talk, well it’s weird ‘cause it’s over a guy…” she added, “and if it is over a guy, mi nah answer yuh ‘cause it’s weird. The bitches that I diss or whatever—real beef! Dem man yah a fi everybody, babes! It’s weird…”

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The following day, Jan. 9, Jada struck back with “London Bed”, a brutal takedown that fires a laundry list of accusations at Steff, many of which Jada claims were confirmed by Steff’s own inner circle. They include, but are far from limited to, claims that Stefflon Don has a pill addiction, multiple STDs and serious infections, is a “Dubai girl” (please do not Google that), and makes jabs about her brother, the rapper Dutchavelli, claiming that he’s a peadophile.

Yesterday, Jan. 10, Stefflon Don responded to Jada’s track with an Instagram post. The image features text that reads: “Funeral service tonight. In loving memory of Jada Ashanti Murphy. We’re not sure what date she was born as this person doesn’t even have a Wikipedia.”

It also lists her death date as “10 January 2024” and refers to her as a “beloved sister, daughter, cum bucket and victim.”

Stefflon Don added in her caption: “DEAR DON’S, Friends & Pagans IF YOU ARE READY TO ATTEND MISS JADA ASHATI MURPHY’S FUNERAL TONIGHT. YOU MUST COMMENT ‘[coffin emoji]’ 100k Times.”

Jumping in the comment section below the post, Jada posted the following: “A who guh dig har up???? Wooooiiieee!!! [crying face emojis] 100k comments? afta yu have di people dem a wait wull day??? Lmfao.”

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The Insta post also came with a new track titled “Dead Gyal Walking”.

Most people, at least among Steff’s fanbase, seemed to be on board with “Dat A Dat”. She sounded fired up, energetic, and the general consensus was that they hoped her next album would have this kind of vim. “Dead Gyal Walking”, however, proved a little more divisive. A lot of people still loved it and thought it was a good clapback, but the camp seems split between those praising her for using a different flow and better wordplay and those who claim Steff’s getting too fixated on sex.

A few other characters have dipped in and out of the fray, to varying degrees of success. Sean Paul was derided by both sides for a “can’t we all just get along”-type post on Instagram, but the latest new player is American drill rapper Asian Da Bratt aka Asian Doll.

Asian Doll seems to have taken Steff’s side, or at least declaring her own gripes with Jada. They’ve been going at it on Twitter with more accusations flying back and forth than we could possibly list here without getting completely sidetracked. The thrust of it appears to be that Jada and Asian Doll used to be friends, but accusations of treachery and backstabbing sent everything south. The back-and-forth clearly has deeper roots, but the latest flair-up appears to have started with Asian Doll’s post below:

Twitter: @AsianDaBrattt

Twitter: @Jadakingdom

Back to the main subject, Jada Kingdom has fired back with another dub titled “Steff Lazarus”. Judging by the snippet, the title seems to suggest this beef is resurrecting Steff’s career and there’s a promise of some more personal digs at her family, including her brother.

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This one is still hotting up so we can probably expect a few more dubs from either side at the very least. We’ll be updating this story as it unfolds.

Updated on Jan. 15 to include Stefflon Don’s “Ded Gyal Talking” and Jada Kingdom’s response, “Accept Dat”.

Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom’s war of dubs continues to rage on. On Saturday, Jan. 13, Stefflon Don issued her clap back to Jada’s “Steff Lazarus” with “Ded Gyal Talking”.

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It’s little wonder this one took slightly longer. “Ded Gyal Talking” opens with a recording of Jada claiming Steff was getting letigious but then runs straight into an itemised, bar-for-bar response to all of Jada’s accusations. There’s a lot to unpack, but if you want the line-for-line breakdown, LeeToTheVi has a pretty detailed video on his YouTube channel.

Initially, in the hours following Steff’s drop, Jada took to Instagram Live to say she wasn’t going to respond and that she had no interest in keeping the feud going. 

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“I’m telling you lot now, yeah, I’m not responding,” she said. “I’m not. I can’t. It’s a good song. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a good song, but it’s a bit too lukewarm. D’cha get mean? It’s a bit too lukewarm. After two days, you come back with this? This is the response? This is it? Who’s pressuring you to do these things? Who a pressuring you? You nuh know ya limited.”

That, of course, was just fuel for the fire and this morning, Jan. 15, Jada uploaded “Accept Dat”. 

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By now, there are a few themes that keep coming back: drug addiction, Dutchavelli’s fall from grace, talk of botched surgery, and a few homophobic jibes. Still, although there haven’t been as many of the kind of explosive revelations that made “London Bed” such a high-impact dub, fans still seem to be lapping up this sparring session.

How long this continues is anyone’s guess, but we doubt this is the end of it...

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