J Hus Makes Long-Awaited Return With New Single “It’s Crazy”

It’s J Hus season.

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It’s been three long years since Big Conspiracy and we’ve been starved to within an inch of our lives of new J Hus music, but the wait is finally over.

You’ve probably seen the hype online—billboards and police tape plastered over East London with the words “No Militancy”, the phone number leading to a mysterious recording, and a branded black Merc parked up at a Mercedes dealership. It’s all been leading to something, and now we know what that something is because we finally have a new J Hus track: “It’s Crazy”.

Produced by Fumes and The Elements, “It’s Crazy” lives up to its title; full-to-bursting with energy, it comes with a fitting visual directed by Stormzy and Headie One collaborator Taz Tron Delix. It’s one of his darker tracks by far, making references to The Wire antihero Omar, offering repeated claims that he doesn’t care about fame or accolades, and constant talk of hellfire.

It may be a J Hus summer this year, and no doubt we’re hoping that’s reflected in a few last-minute festival bookings, but this is a darker J Hus than we’re used to. He sounds fired up and ready for the new chapter.

What this new chapter looks like is anyone’s guess, but we can’t help but wonder if we’ll see an album, perhaps some version of the 26-track project we were promised back in 2021 that never materialised? 

While we wait and see, press play on the video above and be sure to add “It’s Crazy” to all your playlists.


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