Listen to Gorgon City's "FTPA" f/ Erik Hassle

Taken from their new album, 'Sirens'.

Erik Hassle

Co-written by Erik Hassle while on tour in Los Angeles, "FTPA" is the latest cut to be heard from Gorgon City's new Sirens LP, and it gives more than a nod to Balearic house, R&B and '90s dance-pop. A smooth, sexy little number, this is unmistakably Gorgon City, though somewhat lacking in the unforgettable pop hooks they spoiled us with on "Ready For Your Love". Despite its minimalist arrangement, this one packs quite a punch with its devouring sub-bass; added to that are gliding piano chords that sprawl lazily across the track for Hassle's yearning vocals to shine through. Listen:

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