Footsie, D Double E And Jammer Form A United Front As They Collect Their "Music Money"

A masterclass in reload-worthy, rave-focused grime.

Footsie (credit: Reuben Selby)

Image via Reuben Selby

Footsie (credit: Reuben Selby)

There's never a dull moment when you get Footsie, D Double E and Jammer on the same track. The trio's history goes back as far as the history of grime itself (and probably a little bit beyond); the years of chemistry is plain to hear. Their latest outing is the bass-heavy "Music Money", a towering monolith of a track that's brought the very best out of everyone involved.

Production comes from Sukh Knight (another solid gold name you can trust) and he's given the three kings a Molotov cocktail of chest-rattling bass and searing mid-range to build on. Once again, Footsie's instinct for sing-a-long hooks is as sharp as ever and each of the three emcees is on their finest form, throwing punchlines back and forth, and bouncing off each other like it's effortless.

The result is a masterclass in reload-worthy, rave-focused grime. With an instrumental this weighty, it'll naturally find its way into rotation on radio sets, but to really get the full effect, this one absolutely has to be experienced in a rave.

"Music Money" appears on the FIFA 20 VOLTA FOOTBALL soundtrack, which is out now on streaming platforms.

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