Dutchavelli, Digga D Could Face Jail Time For Supporting Black Lives Matter (UPDATE)

A petition has now been started calling on Sadiq Khan to step in on behalf of Dutch and all Black Lives Matter protesters. Let's hope this gets sorted ASAP.


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UPDATE (June 18): Dutchavelli is no longer wanted by the feds. The rapper's sister, Stefflon Don, confirmed the news today on Twitter, alongside what appears to be a police note addressed to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, which states that "Mr Stephan Allen has no longer an outstanding recall against his name."

My Brother is no longer wanted by the police. They probably realised how stupid this situation was.

I want to thank each and every one of you for riding ! You guys commented, reposted, made and signed petitions for this to happen.

Sincerely thank you all !!!!! 🖤 pic.twitter.com/PAgpym0WUN

Original story below.

As you may have seen in the press in the last few days, the UK government is introducing new measures threatening minimum jail sentences for protesters. Originally, the change in law was framed as a response to the violence and vandalism at Saturday's far-right protests, as well as a means of curtailing the spread of coronavirus, but as you might expect the first targets are of course black.

Headlines have touted lines like "10-year prison sentences for vandals" and "violent protesters face jail within 24 hours". However, according to social media posts by UK rappers Dutchavelli and Digga D, simply attending a Black Lives Matter protest could be enough to jeopardise their freedom.

According to his Snapchat, which he then shared on Twitter, Digga D has been told by police that even talking about Black Lives Matter on social media could land him in prison. The post also says his probation officer had objected to pictures of him holding Black Lives Matter signs at a protest. It goes on to say that he had been at risk of being recalled (sent back to prison), but they decided against it and instead the terms of his release on license were made even more strict.

Similarly, Dutchavelli is facing his own share of legal trouble after he took to Instagram Live to express his support for Black Lives Matter, adding that he was thinking of attending the protest that had been organised for Saturday. That protest was ultimately cancelled and his sister, Stefflon Don, has since come out to say he didn't go, but like Digga D, Dutchavelli still faces being recalled to serve the rest of his license period behind bars.

My brother is wanted by the @metpoliceuk because he said on Instagram that he was going to the BLM protest last Saturday but he did not even go. They came bursting into my sisters house while her child was there ransacked it and searched every where. @BorisJohnson how is this ok? pic.twitter.com/vcCh71SLpZ

A petition has now been started calling on Sadiq Khan to step in on behalf of Dutch and all Black Lives Matter protesters. Let's hope this unfair treatment gets dealt with ASAP.


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