Mix Up Look Sharp: The Best Mixes Of The Week

Our pick of the best mixes from the last 7 days.


Here at Complex, we understand the grind of listening to the best music each week. There's so much new music uploaded to every single platform, every single day, that following just one of your streams can become a dizzying, life-consuming task. To help you out on at least one front, each and every Friday, our music team will trawl the depths of the internet to bring you the best mixes from the past week. House, hip-hop and bass, grime, trap and techno—it'll all be represented in our picks to get you warmed up for the weekend. So let us do all the hard work; click through below and enjoy.

Deadboy's Mix For Boiler Room

Quite often when you hear a mix recorded at a party or live event (and this is especially true when it comes to Boiler Room) you can enjoy the hell out of it but there's a pang of FOMO in the pit of your stomach. In that respect, that pang will be particularly potent when you listen to this Deadboy mix. On the plus side, this is some of the most emotive, well-curated and exquisitely blended electronica music that glides gracefully between house music, minimal, soulful electronica and just about anything likely to bring a tear to your eye and a knot in your stomach. Can you imagine being in the room when this went down?

Plastician's Mini-Mix For Nest HQ

As ever, Plastician keeps us on our toes with a collection of eerie trap and Southern hip-hop cuts. These tracks definitely sit at the darker end of the trappy spectrum, with sinister melodies, moody overtones, and woozy vocals. There's even a few instances of Eastern-sounding pentatonics creeping in. It's a great selection and it once again highlights the Croydon DJ/producer's compulsion to look for the tracks no one else is playing. Keep this one for the late, late nights when everyone is super wavey.

Capulet's Mix For Data Transmission

Ooof! Some snappy house here from Capulet, the London duo currently smashing up the capital. If you like your house music uptempo, snappy but a bit rough around the edges, then this should fit perfectly in your ears. There are plenty of solid selections and a few clever flourishes to keep things interesting and your energy high. Definitely a mix for peak house party time; be sure to deploy it if people start flagging.

Leftwing & Kody's Promo Mix For FabricLive

Striking the balance between gritty underground sounds and popular ones is a demanding, nigh-on impossible task. Many very talented artists have struggled and even failed at this. Impressively, Leftwing & Kody will not be joining their rank any time soon. Carving out their own lane, the boys explore the weirder, darker sides of tech house while still throwing in heaps of personality and plenty of tunes that can be appreciated by anyone who just wants to get hype and dance like a lunatic. It's impressive and there's not a hint of showboating, just sheer, relentless passion.

Hackman's Mix For Groove Magazine

Put a dip in yo' hip, a glide in yo' stride and jam the hell out to this funk-soaked mix from Hackman.

Swifta Beater's Mix For Murky Sessions

Grime fans are going to have a fine time with this one. Expect loads of classics and LOADS of gunfinger moments. You know who Swifta Beater is so you know this is a safe bet.

The 2 Bears' Mix For Electronic Groove

Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell, aka The 2 Bears, of course need no introduction. Their pop-inflected classic house sounds have been ripping up dancefloors and charts for a few years now. Despite their chart success, the pair have never been afraid to do things a little differently; whether it's a disembodied vocal sample talking about Throbbing Gristle's "Hamburger Lady" or opening a house set with a slide guitar. And yet it's never weird for weird's sake. Tuck in below.

Bodyjack's Mix For FACT

Taking the old (Paul Johnson, DJ Deeon, DJ Falcon) and mixing it seamlessly with the new (Peverelist, Sinden, DJ Haus), Bodyjack creates a flawless hour of power. It's jackin' house and techno from start to finish and further testament to the artist's innate understanding and love of house music. Perfect.

Cardopusher & Nehuen's Mix For The Ransom Note

Cardopusher and Nehuen have been firm friends for a while now, collaborating both in the DJ booth and in the studio. Their latest outing is a new split EP (so not technically a collaboration) that will no doubt be released through Cardo's Classic Works label. Ahead of that, they've put this juicy mix of late night house and techno to give you a taster of what's in store. Look out for some of their own productions alongside Legowelt, DMX Krew, Boys Noize and James "Jack Rabbit" Martin.

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