AirBorn Gav Drops 'Terminal Free: Departures', Four Tracks Of Woozy Rap Dreams

Though undeniably UK, Terminal Free: Departures could be the release to take AirBorn Gav international.

AirBorn Gav
AirBorn Gav

British rapper AirBorn Gav has just released his third EP Terminal Free: Departures, the follow-up to THC: The Hustlers Coma and R'N'B - Ratchet Nigga Blues. Sonically, the four-track release, which features standout features from JFlowz and Nipah, sits firmly in the laid-back and woozy end of the rap spectrum. "Karma In This Seat" and "Sixty", in particular, bubble over with hazy refrains, rich melodies and unhurried beats so spacious that they're almost dub.

There's also a strong influence of R&B—not least in Nipah's rich and melodic voice on "Karma..."—that focuses the EP and gives the tracks some of their most memorable moments. Though undeniably UK, Terminal Free: Departures could be the release to take AirBorn Gav international. Take a listen via Spotify below.


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