YG and Devin Haney Recall Going to Diddy’s Parties, Say They Only Went for the ‘Hoes’

YG and Haney had some fond memories about the women who attended parties thrown by Diddy.

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YG and boxer Devin Haney spent some time reminiscing about parties thrown by Diddy on the latest episode of the rapper's podcast 4Hunnid.

Around the 31:45 mark of the video above, co-host Stevie referenced boxer Ryan Garcia wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Haney and Diddy in a swimming pool. On April 20, Haney and Garcia will go pound for pound at Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

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But Haney didn't shy away from being acquainted with Diddy, and spoke about a time that he attended a party thrown by the Bad Boy Records founder.

"Diddy had a bunch of hoes at his house. I made my way to the house, and shit, the fuck?" he said. "I mean, there's hoes everywhere, and Diddy had some parties, whatever."

Haney asked YG if he'd ever attended a party thrown by Diddy, who attested to there being "always hoes" at the events. "It's a lot of bitches," the rapper continued. "You know what I'm saying? I be in there with the bitches and all that."

Taking a page from the playbook of 50 Cent, Garcia has repeatedly taunted Haney about being friendly with Diddy, even asking Fifty himself to walk him out during their fight later this month, per TMZ.

Last month, Garcia went to X, accusing Haney of having involvement in alleged sex trafficking that took place at Diddy's properties. Haney denied it, even calling Garcia a "lying sack of shit."

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