Soulja Boy Slams J. Cole After He Said He Initially Didn’t Like His Music: 'Always Hated on Me… Him and Big Sean’

Soulja Boy blasted J. Cole and Big Sean after the North Carolina native said he once had a "resistance" to Soulja's music.

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Soulja Boy might not be the first, but he's the latest rapper to come for J. Cole.

The rapper, 33, might have misconstrued Cole's recent discussion about him on Lil Yachty and MitchGoneMad's podcast A Safe Place. On Saturday, Soulja quote-tweeted a clip of the trio talking about the late-2000s era of Southern rap, which Cole admitted he had "resistance" towards.

Throwing Big Sean into the mix, Soulja accused Cole of "hating" on him before poking at the North Carolina native's age. The Swag 5 rapper then told Cole not to bring him up as the topic of conversation.

When @JColeNC was in college, he hated Soulja Boy

J. Cole writes deep lyrics and he thought Soulja Boy's lyrics were trash

But at every party, he'd be dancing to Soulja Boy songs with his friends

That's when he realized he was being a hater

"What you'd be better off doing is…

— Jason Levin (@iamjasonlevin) November 3, 2023
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"My real friends was playing Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon when he came out... Whatever the fuck was poppin', whatever new rendition of Black culture was penetrating, like, music coming up, in the South, they was on," Cole told Yachty and Mitch during their chat. "A lot of that shit for me artistically, and what I stood for morally as an artist, I was conflicted."

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Cole expressed that the music often soundtracked the parties he attended but also went against his "fake morals." He then referenced Soulja, admitting he was a "hater" towards the artist before switching his mindset.

"I turned from a hater to an appreciator. Like, what can I find that's amazing about this? What can I find that's good about this? What can I find that's going on?" he shared. "That shit changed me as an artist. I became a better artist."

As for Big Sean, he was compared to Soulja Boy back in 2011. "Man, I never heard Soulja Boy rap so good," the Detroit 2 artist responded when asked about sounding similar to Soulja on "Big Nut Bust."

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He continued, "Soulja Boy is one of my favorite artists, I'm not even bullshitting. I fucks with Soulja Boy heavy. 'Speakers Going Hammer,' you know, he had some hits and shit. But I don't see how I sound like him at all."

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