Soulja Boy Chimes in On Joe Budden and Kai Cenat Beef: 'Let the Youngins Do Their Thing'

Soulja wants an end to the social media back-and-forth between the two media personalities.

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Soulja Boy wants the generational divide to end between Joe Budden and Kai Cenat.

Last Thursday, Big Soulja was stopped by TMZ while he was in Beverly Hills and was asked about the rift between Budden and Cenat. Surprisingly, Soulja—who's no stranger to ongoing beefs—had some sound advice for the online media personalities.

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"I mean, I just feel like you gotta let the youngins shine. It's a new day and age, you know what I'm saying?" Soulja told the outlet. "It's 2024. When I came out, I dealt with the same thing, you feel what I'm saying? I just feel like, let the youngins do they thing, feel what I'm saying? It's a new wave. Shout out ti Kai, shout out my boy, Adin [Ross], shout-out all the streamers."

It's fair to say that Soulja empathizes with Cenat, as the rapper caught an unprovoked dragging from Ice-T nearly 20 years ago. At the time, the veteran West Coast rapper blamed Soulja for the state of hip-hop, going as far as telling the then-17-year-old to "eat a dick."

When asked if it reminded him of his beef with Ice-T in 2007, Soulja agreed. "That's exactly what it is, 'cause, you know, people don't understand the new age. Twitch streaming, it's a whole new wave," he said. "So when I came out dancing, streaming, then Apple Music came out, now we got TikTok...Listen, Joe Budden, all my people out there, y'all gotta adjust with the times. Let my new people shine."

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The interaction is perhaps not far off from Budden and Cenat's dispute over Killer Mike winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album last week, as Cenat questioned why the Atlanta native won. Budden, a supporter of Killer Mike, shot back at Cenat on his podcast, calling out the Twitch streamer and saying, "Y'all little streaming n***as don't always run shit."

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Cenat returned with some harsh words for Budden, but Killer Mike later gave a response in an interview with GQ. "So I just want to say, to Kai, you should have invited me to the room because I fuck with you and I'll bring you a broom," he told the publication, referring to the now-sold-out Michael broom "used exclusively for sweeping the Grammys."

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