Rick Ross Speaks to 'Our Brothers in Memphis' En Route to Getting Key to Miami: 'Put the Masks Down, Put the Guns Down'

"Rest in peace to all our good brothers, man," said the MMG founder while calling for young men to "embrace each other now" and "show that love."

Candice Ward / Getty Images

Rick Ross took a moment to give a motivational speech on Instagram before attending an MLK Day scholarship event on Monday.

While preparing to receive an honor during the Role Models of Excellence breakfast in Miami, Ross called for "young brothers" to stop the violence, notably those in Memphis. The Too Good to Be True rapper's request came just three days after Yo Gotti's older brother, Anthony "Big Jook" Mims, was murdered outside a restaurant in Memphis.

"It's approximately 7:52 a.m.," Ross began in a clip pointed out by TMZ. "I flew out of Houston 3 a.m., got back to Miami—I'm headed to an event titled 5000 Role Models where we acknowledging the young leaders, the young kings, our young brothers. We gotta empower the brothers."

The 47-year-old continued, "And while I'm speaking on this, our brothers in Memphis: I need y'all to know there's only one way to wisdom and wealth, and that's through each other. You understand? Through each other. Put the ski masks down, put the guns down, let's embrace each other now, et's show that love. Rest in peace to all our good brothers, man."

Ross was referring to ski masks, otherwise known as "Pooh Shiesty masks" or "Shiesties," named after the Memphis artist and historically used to conceal identities while enacting crimes. In December, Philadelphia officially banned ski masks in public areas, with the law going into effect without the signature or veto of Mayor Jim Kenney. If the law is broken, anyone caught wearing the masks can be fined $250.

Rick Ross also received the key to the city of Miami, bestowed on him by Mayor Francis Suarez and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. The latter referenced Ross' debut single "Hustlin'" off Port of Miami in an Instagram caption, writing, "You can call me Frederica 'Boss' Wilson because everyday I’m HUSTLING."

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