Outkast: André 3000 and Big Boi Reunite Backstage at ‘New Blue Sun’ Tour Stop in Atlanta

Although a proper Outkast reunion isn't in the books anytime soon, the two still remain close.


The Atlanta stop of André 3000's 'New Blue Sun' tour marked an Outkast reunion when Big Boi came out to support his longtime partner in rhyme.

Big Boi went backstage at Center Stage in Atlanta to meet up with 3000, whom he hasn't performed with in roughly seven years. Their last concert as a duo was in 2016 at the ONE Musicfest, also in their Atlanta hometown.

In clips from the reunion, the duo are seen posing.

3000, who's repeatedly said that he isn't prepared for a full-length return to hip-hop, released his debut album, New Blue Sun, last Dec. Before the instrumental flute LP was released, he gave Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Big Boi exclusive first listens because he valued their opinions.

"He was smiling," 3000 told Highsnobiety about Big Boi's reaction. "He was like, ‘Man…’ I played it for a lot of buddies, even my son. They were like, ‘It’s the real thing. It’s not a mimic. You really did this.’” 

The 2006 album Idlewild was the sixth and final album that Outkast appeared on as a duo. When asked on CBS Mornings about the possibility of reconvening with Big Boi, 3000 expressed that it's doubtful. "No, but I think because he knows who I am and knows what gets me going, knows what inspires me, knows when I’m excited about something. So I think in that sense, he’s never pushed that issue," 3000 said.

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