Kevin Gates on Lil Wayne’s Drake Lightskin Comments: 'Bright People, They Have It Rough'

Gates agrees with Lil Wayne's assumption that lightskinned rappers get "hated on."

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Kevin Gates agrees with fellow Louisiana native Lil Wayne's feeling that light-skinned rappers are "hated on."

TMZ recently caught up with Gates in New York and mentioned Lil Wayne's recent comments about Drake that he made on The Richard Sherman Podcast. But Gates explained that he doesn't think it's just light-skinned rappers that are singled out.

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"No, I ain't gon' say just rappers, I'ma say bright people," he began. "Bright people, they have it rough. They the first ones to get picked. Some people, they never did nothing gangster, they just ugly, so people stay away from them. But like I say, adversity builds character, so I've been battle tested, I'm stamped, I'm sealed, I'm certified and approved now."

Elsewhere, Gates shrugged off the fashion police, like those who've critcized his recent style choices of capris and sheer tops. "I look better in real life, I don't care what people tell me," he told TMZ.

Kevin gates is in his Dominican era

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On The Richard Sherman Podcast last week, the host and former NFL player asked Tunechi why he thinks people hate on Drake, which Lil Wayne alleged stemmed from discrimination. “He red, he light-skinned," Wayne responded without hesitation. "That's history. That's just American history. How I know is because I'm not light-skinned. I hated on all light-skinned dudes in school. So yeah, it’s American history, man."

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