Lil Wayne Says Drake Gets Hated On for Being 'Light-Skinned'

On 'The Richard Sherman Podcast,' Weezy claimed to have once "hated on all light-skinned dudes in school."

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Lil Wayne didn't let his "hating" on light-skinned men get in the way of signing Drake to Young Money Entertainment. The decision clearly led to massive success for both artists.

On the latest episode of The Richard Sherman Podcast, Weezy hopped online to chat with the former NFL cornerback about signing the 6 God and Nicki Minaj, a decision he said was preceded by Birdman.

“I get that from my upbringing, from being around Birdman,” Wayne said around the 16-minute mark of the video above, when asked by Sherman about his artist signing process.

After comparing himself to "a proud father" witnessing Drake and Minaj's greatness, Sherman then asked why Wayne thinks Drake gets hated on.

“He red, he light-skinned," Wayne responded without hesitation. "That's history. That's just American history. How I know is because I'm not lightskinned. I hated on all light-skinned dudes in school. So yeah, it’s American history, man."

Drake is self-aware about being light-skin, notably on his 2018 single "Nonstop," but he was sensitive about the "light-skinned complex" during interviews early in his career. "I mean, I'm so light that people are like 'you're white.' That's what I get more than anything, people saying 'you're white, you're not Black,'" Drake told the Village Voice in 2011.

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