Boosie Badazz Claims He Makes $500K a Year Doing VladTV Interviews

Earlier this year, the rap veteran also revealed how much he makes to appear on podcast episodes.

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Boosie Badazz is loaded, apparently thanks to VladTV.

On Monday, the rapper was a guest on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, where he claimed that VladTV pays him a hefty $500,000 per year for appearing on the platform.

Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God told Boosie that he should launch a podcast series with frequent collaborator and fellow New Orleans native Webbie, which Boosie declined.

"Well, I don't want it. Because, yeah, I could make half a million with Vlad every year, man. I don't really need it if it ain't gon’... Vlad help me out a lot more," Boosie said.

Surprised by Boosie's response, Charlamagne asked Boosie outright if the rapper makes $500,000 a year from VladTV appearances. "Close to it," Boosie responded.

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Boosie's newest claim comes just months after he revealed on a livestream that he's paid $40,000 for podcast appearances.

“[Podcasts are] way safer than that club with all them guns in that bitch,” Boosie said in March. "[I’m] in front of somebody who ain’t gon’ hurt me. I think y’all should be happy I’m doing podcasts. I’mma live long doing podcasts. Way less dangerous than doing [clubs].”

He continued: “Would you rather do a show for [$60,000] or podcast for [$45,000]? I made that decision the other day. I took the [$45,000] over the [$60,000]. With the $60, I had to pay for flights, hotels, going to a dangerous-ass city. Shit is about being careful, man. I can sit for 45 minutes on a couch and just talk shit.… That’s a blessing, bro.”

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