Bagel Wins Against Cardi B's Veneers, Tooth Comes Out After She Takes a Bite

In a new TikTok, Cardi B teased her new single, "Enough (Miami)" and hilariously showed off her missing tooth.

Woman with voluminous hair and beaded dress smiling on the red carpet
Axelle / FilmMagic
Woman with voluminous hair and beaded dress smiling on the red carpet

Cardi B readied her single "Enough (Miami)" in a hilarious TikTok.

On Tuesday, the Bronx native shared a video of her walking runway-style while poolside with a caption that reads, "Wait till the end for a surprise." The new track played over the clip, which transitions to Cardi getting a touch-up before laughing and showing off her missing veneer. "How y'all doing motherfuckers?" she said with a chuckle.

On Cardi's broadcast channel, BG Secret Society, the "Like What" rapper prefaced the TikTok with a message that read, "Why one of my veneers came out chewing on a hard ass bagel?" The replacement probably won't come cheap, as Cardi's dentist Dr. Catrise Austin shared on AspireTV (per New Beauty) that her veneers cost $12,500.

Shortly after dropping "Like What"—which samples Missy Elliott's "She's a Bitch"—Cardi began the rollout for "Miami (Enough)." The song may appear on her long-awaited sophomore album, expected to finally release this year.

"I promise y'all this year, I'm not letting my anxiety, I'm not letting what haters say, I'm not letting what fans say...if I do a song, I'ma just fucking drop it," she told her fans on Instagram Live earlier this month.

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