Rihanna Jokes With Fans About Album: 'I Lost It'

Rihanna often gets bombarded by Instagram comments from fans asking—pleading, really—about the whereabouts of her follow-up to 2016's 'Anti.'

During these uncertain times, three things could really help reestablish balance in the world: people staying indoors, having general empathy for one another, and Rihanna dropping an album. Sadly, it looks like we're struggling on all fronts. 

Rihanna knows we all want her to release her heavily anticipated ninth studio album, but we also have to relax. She's a very busy business mogul. The artist often gets bombarded by comments under her Instagram posts from fans asking—pleading, really—about the whereabouts of her next project. Recently, Rihanna decided to have a bit of fun and respond to some of their inquiries.

"I lost it," Rih playfully responded to a fan asking about the album. She also responded to another comment of someone attempting to use reverse psychology on her.

"DONT DROP DAT ALBUM," the person wrote. To which Rihanna joked, "navy this who to blame right here look."

While everyone is anxiously waiting to receive the already certified classic, it's not like Rihanna isn't working on it at all. In an interview she did with British Vogue for its March 2020 issue, she said she was "very aggressively working on music."

On Thursday Ariana Grande shared how badly she’s wishing for the follow-up to 2016's Anti. "I get it, I appreciate it, and I'm really glad that she's putting in so much effort. It means a lot. But I also, really, I listen to Anti every day. Like, I think it's time. I need it. Sorry, she's gonna, like, hate me for saying that but I want it so bad," Grande said, admitting she personally gets “angry” when she’s the recipient of such album-badgering.

And look on the bright-side, even if Rihanna did lose the record, she might still have it kicking around somewhere. Try the couch cushions?

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