PnB Rock Responds to Rod Wave's Threats, Calls Him His 'F*cking Son'

The feud between PnB Rock and Rod Wave continues, with PnB responding to Wave's return fire by calling him his "f*cking son."

pnb rock

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pnb rock

PnB Rock is making it very clear that he feels he popularized some of the sounds that current artists use today, and took to Instagram Live to clear the air about his recent back-and-forth with Rod Wave.

"N***a, I ain't say shit about the n***as that's making music for the trenches," PnB said. "The n***as that's making music for the hood. N***a, I do that, dickhead. The fuck is you talkin’ ’bout? Think about what the fuck y'all n***as is sayin’. Like, n***a Rod Wave is my fuckin’ son, n***a."

PNB Rock says Rod Wave is his son and that he started this wave of music 🗣😱

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) August 20, 2020

PnB continued by talking about how he believes he influenced the way that many artists sound today, like Wave.

"He makin’ music like me, n***a. Singing, trapping, rapping, I did that. I'm the one who started it. N***a, Drake started rapping, singing. Yeah, he put he melody in there. PnB, singing, trapping, rapping, n***a. This generation, n***a. I did that. Remember that shit, n***a. Put that shit in your fuckin’ brain and slap it in your fuckin’ mind, p***y. ’Cause you fuckin’ my son, n***a. Any time I say little boys, kids, if you feel like you a fuckin’ little boy or a kid, then hey, so be it. You a fuckin’ bitch, you a little boy, you a little kid."

For context, this is all coming after Rod Wave responded to PnB Rock when the Philadelphia rapper  made comments this week saying the "new generation" of rappers make sad music.

"All these lil n***as albums n tapes be sad asf lil like all these lil mfs depressed smh I can't listen to this shit make me wanna go kill myself listenin to Dese sad ass Lil boys lol," he wrote on his Instagram Stories. "Lol like even when I was down to my last... down N Out...I was happier den dat I went out and got it never was sittin round feelin sad and depressed... That's for suckas new generation shit I guess."

Despite not referencing any rappers specifically in his comments, many fans thought PnB  was talking about Wave because of how open and raw his music is.

"@pnbrock put a address on that shit. Y'all n***as ain't connected to reality no more," Wave wrote on his Instagram Stories. "That's why they can't make reality music."

Rod Wave has yet to respond to PnB's latest comments.

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