Watch NIKI's Moonchild Experience Livestream Performance

NIKI has just begun her 'Moonchild Experience' live stream performance where she will be delivering a theatrical rendition of her debut album.

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After releasing her debut album Moonchild in September, Indonesian vocalist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist NIKI is hosting a virtual livestream concert where she will be performing the project like never before.

The Moonchild Experience livestream performance is premiering exclusively on YouTube and is being directed by Andre Bato as well as produced by the Andre Bato Group, which has done work with Nike and Vogue. Unlike a regular stream performance, NIKI plans to create an immersive experience for her viewers by meshing surrealism into a theatrical musical format meant to fully encapsulate the themes and storytelling built throughout the album.

"The word 'Moonchild' came to me when I was going through a phase of staying up at ungodly hours of the night strictly to write music,” NIKI explained when discussing the concepts of the album. “I realized how much more energized and stimulated I felt at night compared to the day, and I referred to myself as a 'child of the moon' because of it. I began imagining an entire, fictional universe in my head. Bringing those stories to life was a rollercoaster! I let go of any and all preconceived notions, rules and limitations I felt bound to and let my creativity take the wheel in any direction. You wouldn't believe the mental gymnastics I put myself through to get this album to where it is now.”

Tune into NIKI's Moonchild Experience above.

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