Lil Wayne Makes Cameo in Moneybagg Yo's "Wockesha" Video

Moneybagg Yo tapped Lil Wayne to make a cameo appearance in the new visual for his song "Wockesha," which chronicles his battles with drinking lean.

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Moneybagg Yo just dropped the new Ben Marc-directed visuals for his popular song “Wockesha” off his latest album, Gangsta’s Pain. The “Wockesha” music video also features a cameo appearance from Lil Wayne.

Sampling Wayne’s 2009 interview with Tim Westwood where he infamously said to “not worry about what’s in his cup” when asked if he was still drinking lean, Moneybagg appropriately uses that as an intro to a song discussing his own love affair with the drug. Wayne steps in to reenact his comments in the visuals as Moneybagg Yo begins to fall deeper into his version of the sunken place.

Moneybagg also samples DeBarge’s track, “Stay With Me,” another ode to his toxic relationship with lean and always having to run back to it. This love affair is depicted in the visuals, with a styrofoam cup transforming back and forth into a woman, a metaphor Moneybagg uses to explain his relationship with the drug. This analogy is brought to a head in the video’s closing moments, where Moneybagg finally falls into a giant styrofoam cup, still in love with Wockesha.

“Wockesha” quickly became a fan-favorite track off A Gangsta’s Pain, Moneybagg Yo’s first No. 1 album. The album also featured songs like Time Today,” “Hard For The Next” featuring Future, and the “GO!” featuring Big30. Yo was also recently featured on Tyga’s new song, “Splash.”

Watch the new visuals for Moneybagg Yo’s song “Wockesha” up top.

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