Time is an invaluable resource. No one likes losing it, and JID is no exception.

It’s a cloudy Tuesday afternoon when Dreamville’s bright star and his team meet me for sushi at the Sixty hotel to discuss his heavily anticipated third studio album, The Forever Story

Atop the winding onyx black steps to the second floor lobby of the secluded seafood restaurant, the calm rapper sat nestled into a plush lobby lounge chair—40 minutes early. This was the first time an artist has ever beat me to a meeting spot, but JID doesn’t like to waste time. 

“I’m good to go, trust me,” he tells his team after they ask if he wants to decompress in his hotel room for a bit since our lunch reservations aren’t for another half hour, and his photo shoot in the Complex office a few hours after that. “I hate just sitting in the room,” he says, reassuring the gang.” That’s not me.”