Jayda Cheaves Explains Video of Awkward LL Cool J Encounter at BET Hip Hop Awards

Jayda Cheaves took to Instagram to explain what really happened behind the viral awkward moment between her and LL Cool J at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Twitter had a field day with a video that surfaced from the BET Hip Hop Awards this week showing Jayda Cheaves leaving LL Cool J hanging after he went to shake her hand.

Cheaves took to social media on Thursday to clarify that she did not intentionally ignore the legendary MC.

“I really do not want you guys to think that I was being disrespectful,” Cheaves explained on her Instagram Stories. “‘Cause if you know me, everybody know I’m cool as fuck to everybody I meet. I’m super friendly, super bubbly, but let me tell y’all how this went. So, I was backstage actually practicing for the announcement on BET, so we were in the room with the prompter or whatever and one of my PR friends reached out and was like, ‘LL Cool J’s out there, go take a picture.’”

Cheaves explained how she was just stressed as she was prepping to take the stage, which caused a miscommunication.

“I was already just nervous, so when I met him, I love him but I instantly froze up! So when someone tapped me after I took the picture with him, I’m thinking it was the PR telling me to do something else, but it was freaking LL Cool J.”

In the explanation, she also apologized to the rap legend and said she would like to meet him again under less stressful circumstances. “So sorry, no disrespect. I’ve been a fan of LL Cool J.”

LL Cool J did the honors of presenting Tyler, the Creator with the Cultural Influence Award at the show.

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